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Tapping into our musical potential

Music is often seen by many as simply a way to entertain others rather, that for its educational purpose.   For many this may be in part to how we were introduced to the subject early on in our early years.   There is hope for us all,  we can choose faith in the process of self-development that musical practice provides.  Through self-discipline we set manageable goals for ourselves that not only exercise our patience and virtues, but equally strengthen our human will to persevere through thick and thin.  The criticisms of others in-turn strengthen our inner critic, which leads to a stronger sense of character.  Practice exercises our thoughts like no other task. Our mind attempts to grasp the present moment of reality through a singular activity, which allows us to truly see our own ignorance in full avail.  It is often humiliating to see how slow our progress is at first which requires us to have a tried and true sense of humility and continue the process long enough to see the fruits of our labor.  Through perseverance we lead ourselves to the realization of our success.  If we find the current task at hand to be laborious along the way, we might simply be overlooking the fact that studying alone is not as productive as it might seem.  Having a good mentor gives us valuable incite into our own strengths and weaknesses and aids us to discover the path to our full potential.

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